Volkswagen comes up with a killer concept – Golf GTI W12 650hp

On May 19, at Woerthersee, Austria, there has been a meeting of Volkswagen fans all around the world. The team at VW has a surprise for participants, an extreme version of Golf GTI. As can be seen in the photo, this is no usual Golf, actually this is not at all an usual car, for that matter…

VW Golf GTI 650hp concept - ext 1

This being just a concept,VW design boss Klaus Bischoff said “Our target was clearly defined—despite the dramatic technical changes carried out underneath, we strived to retain a classic GTI appearance”. Still, a future series may be created, with certain elements from this concept Golf GTI.

VW Golf GTI 650hp concept - ext 2

Let’s take a look at stats. A a mid-mounted 12-cylinder engine powers this concept car, with a total of .. 650 hp! Torque is 553 lb-ft of torque, at 4500 rpm. From 0 to 62 mph an extraordinary 3.7 seconds! Now that is stunning, to say the very least. It can make fools out of most supercar producers. Rear-wheel drive is implemented, as obviusly needed for this kind of power, to achieved such performance. Martin Winterkorn, VK new leader, intends to push the limits to the max, and shake off the conservative image of the German car-maker. Even if no Golf supercar is bound to appear any time soon in show rooms, one can definitely expect surprises from VW from now on..

With a super look, this W12-650 Golf GTI concept is dressed in a steel and carbon fiber body shell, designed by Klaus Bischoff. C-pillars and reshaped rear windows allow more air to enter the body of the car, also the wheelbase has been shortened.

VW Golf GTI 650hp concept - ext 3

A daring concept for sure, this Golf GTI monster made a shock appearance at Woerthersee meeting, but only the future can say what will become of it…

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