Volkswagen’s 2007 Rabbit hopps to the USA

The fifth-generation Golf has been introduced in North America last summer, under the name of Rabbit. The reinstallation of this nameplate is probably because Golf never sounded too attractive in these parts, and also Volkswagen is thinking of the good times , around 1985, when the Rabbit name echoed success. All considered, this Rabbit is a brand-new car.

Volkswagen Rabbit - exterior

The hatchback is quite jumpy, partly from the chassis and the suspension from the Jetta, and also the inline-five engine, in a a four-cylinder-dominant class. The plus of the Rabbit model is with no doubt the interior, with first-rate materials and intelligent design. The car uses five-speed manual transmission, with 150 hp at 5000 rpm, and is not that heavy with 3072-pound curb weight. The average cost is between $17,830 and $20,600, standard.

Volkswagen Rabbit - interior

The setbacks of Rabbit have shown themselves on track. Rabbit scored 8.29 from 0 to 60 mph, topping Ford’s Focus (8.52) but falling to the Mazda 3 (7.97) and the Toyota Matrix (8.14). Throttle required slight jabs on the skid-pad, to correct its line and pull 0.81 g. At the slalom it cornered at 43.7 mph, under Ford, Mazda and the Matrix. Last but not least, the 28 mpg fuel millage doesn’t sound too nice…

The Volkswagen Rabbit qualifies as an average, in AutoWeek, even if it is an extremely useful car, a spacious hatchback with excellent interior accommodation. One should bare in mind that the tests lack the conditions of real-life driving, and on the road the Rabbit may prove and excellent choice for most, and know that the unibody four-door hatchback named Rabbit is no shame for Volkswagen, and can surely out-race old turtle to the line any day any time, in spite of old stories.

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