Volvo to be taken over by BMW ?

Earlier this year, BMW reported in different anonymous sources that they have some intentions of taking over Volvo. Currently under Ford, Volvo have quite some number of hard-to-die fans, so this is some news indeed. Head of Ford’s Premium Auto Group, Bill Ford, said nothing about Volvo being for sale. Also, BMW just bought Rover, which was much disputed and surely a difficult purchase for the German carmaker.

Bmw and Volvo labels

After buying Rover, BMW has a rough time, and that’s why the rumour that Volvo is going also to be taken over is far-fetched. Still, after buying Rover, BMW started to make good sales out of MINI, and that might have been a substantial financial boost.

The Swedish newspaper Goteborgs Posten wrote some days ago that some sources from Ford confirm that fact that talks exist with BMW already. So rumours keep going round and round. Even if BMW and Volvo could very well go hand-in-hand with success on the market, the buyers that BMW vehicles are different from Volvo fans. Volvo is all about security and safe-driving, stability and comfort. BMWs are usually meant to be fast, powerful cars with last-hour technology. So the Ultimate Driving Machine versus Safety Car ?

Volvo has some interesting models on line, so maybe these daring future plans could be developed by a carmaker with both guts and the financial means needed. Will BMW be that maker? The future will surely tell.

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