What will the BMW Concept CS be used for ?

 BMW Concept CS

BMW have given forth more news about their Concept CS, presented before, when it was presented at the Shanghai auto-show. It seems BMW intends to use the concept on a premium sedan line, four seat and with sport traits.

The aim of BMW is to compete with cars  like the Mercedes-Benz CLS and the upcoming Porsche Panamera, which are both named coupe, while they share with the the BMW Concept CS elements like: four-seat interior and a low roofline. 

This is a well-designed concept car, that received excellent remarks at the Shanghai car show. And that is precisely why BMW intend to create a series based on this concept. Tom Purves, CEO of BMW of North America, says “We have a reasonable number of examples where we have built a concept car and relatively small examples where we have not built a concept car.” This proves that BMW is putting far more accent on luxury sedans this following period, as Tom Purves Tom adds: “It has aerodynamic style and presence, which is important for customers in that category.”

The market area that BMW intends to rule with this following line of cars, based on the Concept CS, is bove the 7 series but below Rolls-Royce models.

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