X-Prize offers multimillion award for supereficient supercar !

Automotive X-Prize is a foundation that offers substantial sums of money for different high-technology projects, in the series of the Orteig Prize that inspired Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight across the Atlantic in 1927, for example. Such a competition was organised by X-Prize in 1999, by founder Peter Diamandis, concerning spaceships, and the SpaceShipOne, created by aeronautics pioneer Burt Rutan’s Mojave Aerospace Ventures and funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen won the unbelievable $10 million-dollar prize. And now X-Prize is motivating car makers with a tempting competition…

X-prize supertech car

The purpose is to create a car can uses only 100 mpg, that can be produced in a number of at least 10,000 vehicles. Sounds difficult, but the winner is offered a multimillion prize, not to talk of the media attention and publicity involved. The best performance yet achieved, in mass production, is 80 mpg (Ford’s Synergy concept is one). So, apart from the money that media earning will bring forth, the X-Prize foundation aims to motivate the development of alternative-energy vehicles.

Both major trademarks and personal car makers are welcome. Already X-Prize have received 1000 inquiries from parties interested to participate in the competetion, or offer support of all kinds. The actual races will be organised throughout 2009, and the fastest car wins, in principle. Even if such a superefficient car can be created, marketing aspects make mass production improbable, as production costs are bound to be very high. Still, this intriguing competition is motivating, thrilling, and all car-tech fans await it’s finale.

Zedomax solar car

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