Auto Parts Warehouse: Five tips for organizing a spare parts warehouse

Auto Parts Warehouse: Five tips for organizing a spare parts warehouse

Five tips for organizing a spare parts warehouse

Are you looking for warehouse management best practices and recommendations to make the most of your auto parts inventory? These five ideas inspire you to reduce shortages and keep your inventory moving.

1. Watch your inventory as a good parent: Know where the parts go

Understanding where each item belongs can help you not only find the right things but to do so quickly. When auto parts stay in a space that isn’t theirs, it’s hard to find the right home.

Here are a some few things you can do to make sure your inventory isn’t lost or misplaced:

  • An excellent way to organize a spare parts warehouse is by several parts, with the most common elements on top.
  • Let your employees know what inventory is in the warehouse by making it visible – virtually in the room, almost in your database.
  • Create a system for knowing where the part is – hanging from the ceiling, for example, or a label with a date.
  • Keep a calendar of all future purchase orders with due dates and a list of the all known suppliers with the contact information to avoid running out of necessary items.
  • Do not throw away unused parts – they may not be needed now, but who knows what will happen in the future. Instead, treat your inventory like a bank of resources that you can use to get you back in action when the situation changes.

2. Set up a central storage area: standardization and label

Assembling and storing your parts is a big project, but it’s essential to break it down into smaller tasks and do it step by step.

  • Step 1: Review the current storage capacity and how often old partitions are stored in random places and forgotten.
  • Step 2: If necessary, find new space to store it, and measure it by the number of shelves and boxes you need. This could be a garage, shed, basement, or a room in the building of your car repair shop.
  • Step 3: Gather all the parts you have. Put them on shelves or in boxes, and be sure to leave enough room for new products. You’ll need to keep commonly used items in one place, so you can find and access them easily.
  • Step 4: Sort your inventory by function and manufacturer. For example, separate those for cars, boats, and motorcycles.
  • Step 5: Allocate space for each job. For example, you may want to dedicate a section to your heaviest, lightest pieces and the different wires and fasteners.
  • Step 6: Determine what spare parts you have and what can go wrong with them. This way, you can find a right tools to fix the problems.
  • Step 7: Label your goods and containers to ensure you don’t have to rummage through a pile of boxes for the needed parts. To speed up an process, use a label maker. For example, you can create and print label templates to organize your spare parts inventory.

3. Keep the records of your parts: use technology, not pen and paper

It’s crucial to keep up-to-date inventory records so that you always have what you need when you need it. But managing warehouse operations manually will be almost impossible, so don’t waste your precious time and resources.

To increase the employee efficiency and simplify your warehouse operations, consider implementing a parts management software solution to handle repetitive tasks such as postings, transfers, and write-offs. In addition, ensure you have the proper inventory control, scanning technology, and multi-location management system to expand your business.

In a CRM application for auto repair shops, you can manage every area of ​​your business – from customers, work orders, and sales to warehouses and inventory.

4. Store your parts properly: Clean and maintain storage space

If your warehouse is crowded, it will be difficult for your employees to work efficiently. Warehouse chaos can lead to confusion and out-of-stocks of the most popular products. The more clutter your warehouse has, the more time you will spend cleaning it up and organizing infrastructures, such as shelves and tools. Stockpiling parts inventory is never cheap, so the best course of action is not to have a lot of the stuff in there in the first place.

Let’s take a look at the practices you can do to avoid clutter:

  • First, clean the storage area and replace tags and labels regularly.
  • Next, remove any piece that is no longer in use. Be sure to keep any clues in case you need them in the future.
  • Next, keep things organized in their respective categories, such as nuts, bolts, valves, and gaskets.
  • Protect spare parts by keeping them organized and in a dry area to prevent wear.
  • Finally, make sure to avoid storing it as often as it will be exposed to sunlight.

5. Find what’s missing: Regularly check your spare parts inventory

Making inventory adjustments regularly is a great way to ensure that your inventory isn’t a mess and that you don’t waste time and space storing unnecessary parts. You can take inventory of everything you have and create a list that coordinates the part number, quantity, and location for each item to determine which merchandise is in stock.


Auto Parts Online Store

Auto Parts Online Store

Best sites to buy auto parts online

If there is one thing that we can all agree on, the internet has made an enormous game changer throughout our lives. Now it’s easy to shop online and get all the information you need on the web. For example, moving from one garage to another can be costly because there is no clue where to find parts for a particular car. However, with the help of the internet, you can easily buy your details online at a lower price and have them delivered anywhere you want.

There are many websites where you can buy auto parts online. The invention of these sites made shopping for auto parts easier. It is also cheaper than physical stores. Although the selling price is a good selling point, imagine saving thousands or hundreds of dollars because you would not have to drive around looking for parts and instead have them delivered to your doorstep.

Why are auto parts so much cheaper online?

Auto parts are cheaper online because these sites often find companies that agree to send items to them. Dropshipping means that the site has no stock. When a customer places an online order for parts from a particular company, the order goes directly to distributor, who often ships the products. Therefore, the company sells these products online at no cost since they do not stock these parts, pay salespeople and send them. The distributor will take care of everything.

The distributor can sell their auto parts for a small fee over the wholesale price because they sell in a bulk, and even selling $3 or $2 over the wholesale price gives them a lot of profit when they sell to multiple customers. They can get up to a thousand orders daily, which is good if you ask me.

On the other hand, retail stores are not evil because they operate differently. For example, a garage shop can make money by charging an hourly car repair fee, selling the auto parts, or both. When you drive the car to a garage, the extent of the damage or service you need to do on your vehicle determines how much it will cost you. Most of the mechanics use software to calculate the price per hour paid and estimate how long the repair could take. For example, it is common for most mechanics to charge $100 per hour or more. So if it takes three hours to fix your car, you will have to pay $300.

Top 5 Websites to Buy Auto Parts Online

Rock Auto

The Rock Auto is a great site to buy the auto parts. The website is easy to navigate, which is pretty cool, and they sell all kinds of auto parts. It does not matter what car model you have; RockAuto has an easy-to-navigate website that lets you narrow your search to whatever you want. To show how unique they are, they contain standard auto parts for the most common cars and parts for exotic cars that you wouldn’t even think of looking for on their website. They also have suppliers worldwide, giving you access to the lowest prices, and all you have to do is make a good choice. When ordering RockAuto auto parts, you need to dig to find a supplier that offers cheap shipping. Unfortunately, they do not offer free shipping.


NAPA offers auto parts and services online. On their website, you’ll buy any auto parts you need and get estimates for any repairs you need to do on your vehicle. To improve things, you can make an appointment at the nearest repair shop, which is convenient. The secret is to find accessories, tools, and any diagnostic equipment you may need with NAPA. All the tools come with directions and how-to guides from the store that will help you if you’re unsure how to work with them to complete the job. One drawback is that when you buy from them, you will only get NAPA auto parts, not the assortment of other brands.

Advance auto parts

Advance Auto Parts is a best battery dealer you can ever find. They have the perfect batteries that are reliable and long-lasting. Although it is known for its high-quality batteries, Advance Auto Parts sells tons of auto parts. It is more unique than other stores because it gives customers loyalty points every time they buy. To prove how awesome it is, you can fill out your application and be ready to enter in less than five minutes. They also offer the customers free shipping when their order is over $35.

If you’re working on a tight budget, this site is a must to find and buy your parts. offers a unique service. They sell used parts that they get from new cars. This site uses auto-wrecking and recycling yards to get used auto parts. Their service is not unique because that you will buy used things, but also because you will get spare parts for old cars. I mean cars whose details have been discontinued because old vehicles haven’t been produced for a long time. They will sell well-functioning car parts. But since it’s used, you won’t get any reassurance about how long it will last, but at least it will save you a long time when you get the money to buy new parts. specializes in body parts. However, you can buy things like timing belts from them. If you’re upgrading your car or have recently had an accident, this is the site for all your car parts. You can get body parts at, including mirrors, headlight kits, and bumpers. They also provide aftermarket upgrades. When you order anything from the site, they offer free shipping. Of course, the time your items arrive depends on the volume of your purchases. If you buy small things like mirrors, they will take less time to arrive compared to more vital parts like fenders and grills.


Auto Parts Near Me

Auto Parts Near Me

Tips for Choosing the Right Auto Parts Online Store

Online shopping offers many conveniences, but discovering the best online auto parts store can be challenging. Many factors exist when making an auto parts purchase online, from finding the right store and redeeming coupons to shipping costs.

With over 700,000 Google search results for “DPF parts online shopping,” it can be challenging to decide which parts to buy from the website. These five tips will help you stay safe online when purchasing auto parts and ensure you get the right amount at right price.

What makes buying auto parts online safe?

Tip #1. Make sure the site is secure

You don’t have to be an cybersecurity expert to shop online but to make a secure purchase, You must ensure that the website you are visiting is secure. There are several ways to determine if a website is safe, but one of the easiest is to look for a locked lock icon in your web browser’s address bar. If there is no code or if it looks like an unlocked padlock, there is no encryption between your computer and the server hosting the website. In other words, hackers may be able to read the personal information you send over an unencrypted connection. Whether you’re buying auto parts online or logging into your email account, this can happen, so keep this in mind when browsing auto parts or whatever.

 Tip #2 Look for reviews

 Besides reading this article and looking at fake website images, you can search the web to see if the other customers have had good experiences with this retailer. After all, if you don’t find any reviews that reflect your experience, it could be a bad sign.

Good reviews usually lead to better prices.

Reviews also lead to better prices as both old and new customers gravitate towards companies that provide quality products and services. Therefore, the more positive reviews a site has, the more likely it is to offer quality products and services.

 Tip #3 Compare product prices between different online auto parts stores

Compare 10-20 items before placing an order to get the lowest price. But you can’t compare their prices if you buy more than one auto part. Therefore, always compare the unit price (price per part) of the available auto parts by checking their cost individually on different sites.

Tip #4 Compare product prices between different online auto parts stores

Use cash on delivery (COD) for all online auto parts purchases. This allows you to see the product you’re buying before you pay for it, and some companies may take customer information or bank details instead of carrying cash on delivery, which means you won’t receive the goods and then you won’t be able to prove whether or not you gave them your details. Taking COD also allows you to know the quality of the products before making your decision.

Tip #5 Ask

Many online auto parts stores carry the same products for your vehicle. Some of these stores offer better prices than others, but all offer free shipping and processing eligible orders. You can choose the right store with some research and ask the right questions before you start shopping.

Online auto parts stores will charge you different amounts for shipping, handling, and restocking fees, so you must ask about these fees in advance. Also, ensure you understand how much it will cost them to send your order and how much it will cost them to process the return if you decide not to keep the items you ordered.

 Tip #6 Check the address

Be wary of an auto parts seller who does not share their physical address. This is a red flag for most online shoppers and often a warning sign that an e-commerce site has something to hide. If a company hides its location, they are likely to sell fake parts or have something to hide. On the other hand, companies that sell original spare parts have nothing to hide and will be happy to share their information so that you can ask for help if necessary.

Tip #7 Choose a brand you know

Source your part from a reputable factory or dealer. Whether the vehicle is foreign or domestic, you will have different options for where to purchase the replacement part. A fixture in the auto industry is or, where you can buy new aftermarket parts for domestic vehicles, imported cars, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, agricultural equipment, industrial equipment, and sport utility vehicles. In addition, you can buy parts on their website and eBay storefront.

Side note: It is best to avoid using any new or unfamiliar online auto parts stores. Reputable online stores do not appear overnight and are often owned by traditional auto parts companies, and have been around for most of time.


Auto Parts Stores

Auto Parts Stores

Auto Parts Stores

Best online auto parts store

The auto parts industry is about $58 billion industry that experiences double-digit growth yearly. But online auto parts retailers grew 16 percent from 2016, when they made up $8.89 billion in market share.

The primary industry retailers are AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, and O’Reilly , with the main types of customers divided between “Do It Yourself” (DIY) and “Do It For Me” (DIFM). While brick-and-mortar stores have the upper hand regarding a strong network of professional DIFM suppliers and maximizing various warranties on in-store aftermarket , online auto parts stores, specifically Amazon, have targeted DIY customers with competitive prices and even delivery. On the same day.

This does not bode well for traditional retailers influencing their DIY customers. As a result, other online parts stores are getting closer to the market and taking a larger share of the market segment. Therefore, we have included it in the top list below.

List of online auto parts stores

1. eBay

Most of the people think of eBay as a place to bid on items. Also among the online stores. If you know what part you want, type it into the search bar at the top of the homepage. If you’re unsure, look up the product category or even for part cars.

Some sellers are distributors. Reviews are available from past customers, and some offer an opportunity to contact the seller with questions. Shipping is free on many products. The price is fair compared to the more prominent suppliers. You may have the opportunity to barter, make an offer, or even trade. The shipment of any item is tracked, and eBay guarantees your privacy and purchase with a money-back guarantee.


The has several warehouses across the country, which allows it to stock items in stock for various makes and models. Their website offers an online customer support 24 hours a day through live chat or their toll-free number.

You can search for a specific lot by category or get help from a salesperson in the comfort of your home. Once you search for the piece, you can compare it with others to get the best price. All orders can be tracked and also canceled at any time. There is an return policy within the first 30 days, but there are some specific instructions regarding the status before a return request is accepted.

3. NAPA Auto Parts

The NAPA Auto Parts has been around since 1925. They are not only a local part distributor but also maintain an online presence. Auto parts can be shipped to any US address for a flat rate of the $7.95 within two to five days. The parts shipped to an APO or FPO have a flat price of $14.95 and can take up to three weeks. Items sent by US Post Office cannot be tracked but are tracked if UPS is used. Items can be searched by keywords or specific information. The website also has an DIY tutorial section for simple repairs and replacements, such as replacing wiper blades or headlights.


American Auto Part is constantly replenishing its inventory to ensure that a wide variety of the parts are available to the consumer. Items are also shipped within two to seven days after order confirmation, which takes 24-48 hours. Overnight order is public. Online live chat is available for the questions, and orders can be tracked through the website. Items can be searched by keyword or item number. A return policy can be completed within 21 days after receipt.

5. Parts Geek:

Geek has been operating as a discount auto parts company since 2008. Most items ship within three to seven business days and are trackable. Items can be found through the hyperlinks under the part name, class, or make and model. Orders cannot be canceled as they are often filled within an hour after order confirmation. They guarantee that prices are 80 percent lower than competitors. In addition, they provide more than ten million pieces in stock.

6. Auto Parts Warehouse:

The Auto Parts Warehouse has existed since 1995 and boasts two million new visitors every month. They offer an price match guarantee and free shipping on orders over $50 with a five percent refund in the APW Rewards Program. Items can be searched by brand, model, category, or thing. In addition, information about the item, pictures, and videos are available on the site.

7. Rock Auto Parts:

Rock Auto Parts is a family-owned auto parts store that opened in 1999. They offer a wide variety of parts, including old, hard-to-find parts. In addition, they offer flexible payment options, including payment by mail. Details can be searched by item number, specific information, or category, including make and model.